Premium Quality Whole Bean Coffee!

We’re proud to offer high quality, freshly roasted, whole bean coffee blends that will excite your morning, afternoon, or evening. We brew our batches every Monday and Tuesday!

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Best Selling Coffee

Whole Bean Coffee

Fenrir's Favor

$18.99 | 12oz
Whole Bean Coffee

Bast's Blessing

$18.99 | 12oz
Whole Bean Coffee

Pegasus' Pride

$18.99 | 12oz

Types of Coffee Beans

There are four main types of coffee beans, and some are more popular than others. See which beans you may prefer!

The Coffee Cherry

The growing process of coffee has a big impact on the flavor and quality of the roast. Learn more about the Coffee Cherry!

Brewing Methods

There are several types of brewing methods to make the perfect cup. See which ones offer a brew that will fit your palate!

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